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スクリーンショット 2015-01-15 13.51.44 Chieko Egged spent several years working in Japan’s beauty industry, including running a nail salon, until being sidelined by eczema aggravated by her daily exposure to chemicals. When traditional treatments such as steroid medications did not heal or relieve her condition, she knew she had to make radical changes in her life. She closed her salon and moved to Hawaii in 2006 to focus on her health, only to be immediately diagnosed with cervical cancer. During her treatment she learned of a lack of skin products available for those with immune disorders or undergoing chemotherapy. After her own treatment and recovery, she launched Green Spa Hawaii in 2012 to offer services and products geared toward oncology patients. More recently, concerned about a growing number of children in Japan suffering from eczema, Egged launched her own skin care brand, Kahala Organics, which she created with input from holistic doctors and Hawaiian healers.スクリーンショット 2015-01-15 13.51.22 She partly attributes the rise of atopic skin disease to overuse of food additives and hazardous chemicals in cosmetics, bath, body and home products. Chemicals can be transferred from a mother’s blood to her unborn baby’s blood, and exposure can lead to allergies and sensitivities to those chemicals. Drawing from traditional Hawaiian herbal remedies, aromatherapy and Ayurvedic Hindu medicine, Kahala Organics Mana Cleanser ($48), and moisturizing Mana Mist ($55) and Mana Cream ($118) are formulated to be gentle on skin without “parabens,” dyes, fragrances, alcohol, mineral oil and lanolin. A mask product and eye cream are in the works.Story From Today’s Star Advertiser Kahala Organics products are available at the spa or online at­spa­  


LAのバイリンガルマガジンJPyの記念すべき初日本配布号にイゲット千恵子のインタビュー記事が 日英両語で2ページにわたり掲載されています。
JPy 2016 May 15 Chieko Egged took an interview.

Green MagazineGreen Spa Hawaii
Green Magazine 2015 vol7 #2
HI Luxuary HQ

website magazine article

"green" Hawaii's Sustainable Living Magazine JAN/FEB/MAR 2015 vol.7#1 にローカル、オーガニック、サステナブルなショップとして掲載されました。
“green” Hawaii’s Sustainable Living Magazine JAN/FEB/MAR 2015 vol.7#1

Honolulu Staradvertizer 2015 Jan.
Honolulu Staradvertizer 2015 Jan.

WAIKIKI MAGAZINE ワイキキ・マガジン Vol. 3/Issue 6にお勧めの商品として掲載されました。
Vol. 3/Issue 6

Wellness Magazine Supper/Fall 2014
Wellness Magazine
Summer/Fall 2014

Kahala Organics Natural Cosmetics future in Wellness Magazine
Kahala Organics Natural Cosmetics future in Wellness Magazine

Metro HNL 2014 Nov.
Metro HNL 2014 Nov.

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