About us

The Kahala Organics Story

Chieko Egged worked in the beauty industry for twenty years. During this time she was exposed to many synthetic chemicals which caused her to develop severe eczema. Although she was married to a dermatological surgeon and received the best care, the steroid medication and treatments did not heal her condition.


Chieko made a complete lifestyle change by moving to Hawaii. She studied traditional Hawaiian plant properties, naturopathy, aromatherapy, and Ayurveda while working with experts including holistic doctors and kahuna healers. She learned about blending botanical ingredients in ways that cause positive chemical reactions and brought out the best properties of each ingredient. With this knowledge, Chieko was able to healher skin conditionand Kahala Organics was born. She developed this line of holistic skin care products that are safe and effective against aging through the healing power of nature’s ingredients and the mana of Hawaii without being harsh or damaging.


Chieko Egged profile

Kahala Organics Mission

Creating and offering safe, anti-aging skin care that will help repair and improve the body

while protecting nature and life for today and tomorrow.

Kahala Organics Message

The beautiful goddess Kahala in Hawaiian mythology is our source of inspiration.
Our products are for people who are full of love for one other and nature, just like Kahala.
Our logo evokes the sound of gentle waves from the ocean and the special mana carried by Hawaii’s seashells,
It was created to deliver our hearts across the seas, reaching people all around the world.

Hawaii’s gentle breezes softly open hearts

And allow feelings to flow naturally.

It refreshes your soul and fills you with gratitude for the knowledge

that you are loved.


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